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The BLUES jam normally consists of three 45 minute sets and we will make every effort to allow everyone an equal opportunity to sing and/or play. Some blues jam nights we have a large number of artists that wish to participate. Therefore the amount of time where you have an opportunity to perform will always vary.

Remember, this is a BLUES JAM hosted by the Port City Blues Society and we request that you make every effort to stay within the BLUES genre as much as possible.

  • If you wish to participate in the open blues jam you MUST sign the book in order to gain a scheduled slot.

  • Please contact Butch Scaife, Dave Sadler or Dave Miller if you can’t immediately locate the book.

  • A PCBS (Port City Blues Society) host will notify you in advance of your allotted time to perform. Please have your instrument tuned and be ready to take the stage when called up.

  • You will be alerted when your performance time is up in order to allow another artist an opportunity to perform. The minimum time allowed will be two songs.

  • Absolutely NO open beer bottles or soft drinks in the stage area.

  • Always be courteous to your fellow musicians. No one is getting paid, we’ve all left our egos at home, and we’re all here because we love to play.

The Port City Blues Society wishes to thank you for your support, participation, and for helping us in Keeping the Blues Alive.

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